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This summer has been a crazy summer for me. My mom just had heart surgery and I had an internship at a small PR firm and then they told me it wasn’t working out. My supervisor said that she felt I had good skills, but maybe this was not a good fit for me. I have been scrambling to find a summer job to no avail. I do not have a lot of experience working retail, and all of the nannies have already been hired.

I was not super upset about not having to work for this firm anymore. When I walked in the door each morning, the secretary and I would always have a nice chat, but once I finished chatting with her I would go immediately to my back cubicle. I would turn on my computer and look at my weekly schedule I was supposed to follow.

This internship was supposed to be for the rest of the year. I was to work 20 hours a week and report to my supervisor who would check over what I was doing.

The first few weeks went okay. I tried my best to do what was asked of me, and for some reason it just never clicked. I would draft a press release and it would not be what my supervisor was looking for. I would clip newspaper articles that were not important.

Looking back on my internship, I realized that it is almost for the best that I was fired. I have never been fired before so I can not say that part was fun. What I can say though is that there is no way that I could see myself working for the firm for a whole year. The other employees did not go out of their way to ask how my weekend was or even tried to get to know me. When I was training with the intern before, no one really paid attention to her.

I know as an intern you start at the bottom. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am glad that I was at the bottom and failed, rather than making my way to the top to see I am not passionate about my place of work. I am only 20 so I have many years down the road to figure out what I am passionate about.

If you are looking for a summer job and are great places to look. I also go to Forbes and other websites to see which careers are trending. There are a lot of helpful videos for interviews, types of jobs, and even career tests.



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