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Social Media Keeps You in the Loop

I find most of the news and stories I learn on my social media. New stories are always trending on Facebook, YahooMail, or even Twitter. I am always in the loop and constantly hearing what is trending and interesting facts I may have not heard before from social media.

This weekend all of my friends and I went to our friend’s cottage in Gladwin, MI. Gladwin is a very small town that has a lot of land and little city life. There is one restaurant and a tiny liquor store. It is a great place for a lake to get away and relax.

What I really liked about my trip to Gladwin was that most of our cell phones did not get reception. My wifi and 4g from AT&T were not working. This is very common for that area because there is no reception.

Always In Touch

These days, no matter who I am with young or old, the person I am with is always on their phone following their social media and seeing what other people are up to. Whether it is scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or their texts. At parties at school people will be on their cell phones texting others.

I think that social media has been great for the economy for spreading business and branding/marketing. What I do have a problem with is that I feel that cell phones keep people from connecting with one another like we used to. Instead of answering a phone to talk to someone, my generation would rather text the other individual to avoid speaking on the phone.

I miss the days when my friends and I had to make our own fun by creating conversation. I feel that many of my friends resort to technology to entertain them. This is taking away from the personal connection with others and it makes it harder for people to interact.

New Studies

A recent study from WSJ said that,”A recent Pew Research survey of adults in the U.S. found that 71% use Facebook at least occasionally, and 45% of Facebook users check the site several times a day.”

While this may seem like it is more sociable then ever, is it really connecting with others? One may have 300 friends on Facebook, but on a day to day basis how many of those friends do you see regularly.

Not only are interactions with friends and family are being distracted, but during school and other functions people are on their phones. Whether it is the movies, parents playing games on their phones at the park while their children play, kids on their phones at school, there is always a distraction.

I would say that about 70% of my peers would be on their computers looking at social media or texting their friends on their phones during class. I have to admit I do go on my computer or phone during class. I try my best not to, but it does make class go by faster. On WSJ I also found an interesting article on technology in the classroom.

Social Media at School

If I were in the role of the professor I would feel very aggravated by how many students are really not paying attention. There might be a few hundred students sitting in the lecture hall, but how many of these students are paying attention. Probably half of them.

Social media is good for many reasons and has connected people all over the world. We have never communicated like we have since the internet was created. People are joint chat rooms daily, following blogs, loading apps, and staying up to date on what is trending. While for the business side it is great, I also believe that some personal parts of life that existed before may be on the down hill climb toward a more isolated culture.

If you want to learn about social media in today’s culture here are a few stories:

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