About Me

About Me:

If you knew anything about me you would know that my thoughts, schedule, and room are cluttered. I am very disorganized, clean, but disorganized. I have a planner I buy each year for school, but for some reason I never use it. I just try to remember when I have things going on. Luckily, most classes have the syllabus so I always new what was going on. But sometimes, I have to admit it catches up with me. This blog is about an array of views I have whether it is tv shows, books, trending articles, or places I want to go. I am trying to figure out what I want to do when I get out of Michigan State University. I like to many things, so I am trying to figure out a few things I am truly passionate about, or could be passionate about for years to come.

This blog is going to be about my views on trending articles, television shows, food, and my every day experiences. I am not passionate about one thing in particular, so I want to write about the things I do feel very strongly about. I love a variety of music whether it is pop, soft rock, country, or some rap. I enjoy being barefoot in the grass and being with family and friends. I love sports, eating, going on my boat, and I am very indecisive. I have switched my major more than a few times, and I am trying to find more of what I like and don’t like. This blog will be about my likes and dislikes. I am hoping this class will help me figure out what I do enjoy most.

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